We produce industrial balancing machines Twin-Co1 with these characteristics:

  • simple design solution to minimize the risk of failure
  • unbalance evaluation with an accuracy of 0.1 gmm or 0.01 g according to the selected evaluation unit
  • determining the angular position of the unbalance with an accuracy of 0,1 °
  • intuitive operation
  • balancing is facilitated by data on the required drilling depth according to the tool used and the calculation of the split weights in the case of a rotor with spokes
  • the electrically operated brake supports automatic stopping at the unbalance position and rotor balancing directly on the spindle
  • rotor balance parameters (dimensions; balance limit; rotation speed) can be stored in the rotor bank 
  • possibility to export balancing protocol directly from the machine to USB or to specified network storage
  • balance rate and independence rate balancing planes are determined according to ISO 2593 
  • easy to change fixtures
  • low floor space requirements
  • simple installation
  • low purchase costy
  • low maintenance costs
  • power supply: net 230V; max. 1600W 
  • Czech machine produced under our license